Pink Lemon Bakeshop Cupcakes Review

12 Jul

Hi All!

The worst thing happened last sunday: my oven broke. See, I get very attached to things, especially when I am used to using them and already have a routine. The technician said it will take two weeks to recover–poor oven. I am by its side in the morning and in the evening, making sure it is breathing… just kidding… I am using the stovetop to cook other sweets… >:)

Anyway, I had a cupcake craving that exact Sunday, and I thought to myself: why don’t I buy some? Maybe even review them!? Boy, oh boy. My head started exploding with ideas. So, I decided to search for a bake shop online, which lead me to: Pink Lemon Bakeshop.

The Bakery in Vaughan

Address: 4585 Highway 7, Unit 13, Vaughan, ON L4L 9T8

I quickly got into my car and started driving towards the shop. When I arrived, I was very excited to learn that they are essentially a ‘cake factory,’ which means I was getting cupcakes made with some secret cake recipe (or at least I imagine it to be so.). It is worth noting that the bakery specializes in nut-free desserts.

This is what it looked like inside:


Look at all the pretty cakes! The interior is very cute, and definitely makes you want to stay and have coffee (made in a cute white mini cup).

Although a very small shop, it is bigger than their previous location in North York and Richmond Hill. The bakery is located right on sight, and when you enter the shop, the smell of sweet baked goods will stimulate your appetite!

Unfortunately, they had pretty limited flavours available with my favourite being sold out: the red velvet cupcakes (also happens to be their most popular flavour as the cashier described). However, there were still some pretty bomb cupcakes left:


The Chocolate Mint Cupcakes


The Classic Vanilla!

The cupcake decorations did look plain and pretty standard, but I usually go for the taste instead of the looks. Although in retail…everything is detail!

These were my 4 chosen cupcakes:


The top left corner is Chocolate Raspberry.

The bottom left corner is Strawberry Vanilla.

The top right corner is Double Chocolate.

The bottom right corner is Lemon Creme.

Here is my take on the two out of four cupcakes (the rest were for Mom and Dad:)):

The Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake ($2.50)


Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake: The curls on top (I am guessing) was white chocolate…


Yummy white chocolate curls complement the icing

I thoroughly enjoyed this cupcake. It had a moist vanilla texture, not-your-typical-out-of-box-recipe, yet it had a traditional taste. The cupcake had a strawberry jelly filling:


The strawberry jelly was yummy!

Can you see the sponge-like texture? It was very soft! This is something that I like about commercially baked cupcakes. Mine usually turn out to be much more dense.

Rating: 4/5 (while I liked the pretty-looking cupcake, I would like to see a bit more spontaneity)

The Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake ($2.50)


The Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake: The icing seems to be buttercream (but I am guessing).

Once again, a very standard-looking cupcake. The chocolate cupcake was well done! I really like the traditional flavour because it reminds me of how beautiful simplicity really is. The cupcake had a raspberry filling:


Yummy! It tasted like raspberry jam!

I really like the flavour combination. The buttercream, the chocolate, and the raspberry jam-look-alike filling: all blended well together.

Rating: 5/5

Overall criticism: price. $2.50 for a traditional cupcake is a lot. However, coming from a finance background, there is nothing that you can do when you have high operating costs and low traffic. The girl who sold me the cupcakes was “new,” so she couldn’t answer my questions about the company’s background, the flavours that the company offered (without looking at the sheet), and did not seem to care at all (however, it’s not the service that I’m after, it’s the taste!)

My research shows that this bakery has offered a variety of desserts in past, but decided to focus on specialty cakes instead. This is a very common cost cutting strategy: streamlining the cost. Is this a correct strategy? Yes, if you are competing on cost. Looks like this is the case for this particular bake shop. Will I recommend this bake shop? Yes. Because it has a good recipe and the cakes look outstanding. However, this is not the place for those who are looking for an extravagant cupcake tasting  session. I have read a few reviews where people say: “nothing special.” I think the whole strategy behind this bakeshop is to bake custom cakes. So far, from what I see, they excel at it.

You can follow them on Facebook.

Happy Cupcake Shopping,

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