St. Phillips Bakery Review

14 Jul

Hello everyone!

Good news! A few days ago, my blog hit over 100 visits in one day (originally it was 66 visits in one day). I have received lots of positive comments, and was verified by Urban Spoon ( Without your support, I wouldn’t have made it to this stage! This is a new milestone.

To celebrate, I have decided to treat myself (and you!) with St. Phillips Bakery goods (also my oven is still out of order :( )!

Before I go to any bakery, I always run a background check. I check that they have a website, history, reviews, and a good online presence. To me, a combination of all of these factors scream “you’ve gotta come here.” To me, online presence and reviews matter a lot. I give a lot of weight to blog reviews and other online reviews because they tend to reveal how the business behaves in a very specific situation (i.e. was the food fresh? was it delivered on time? how was the customer service?) All of these things matter when it comes to winning a customer.

St. Phillips had good reviews, and their facebook page has a great online presence! I decided to give it a try, especially because it is minutes away from my house!

This is the entrance to the Maple location:


Address: 2363 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan, ON

One of the things I love when I walk into a bakery, especially on a Sunday morning, is to see people show, laugh, have a cup of coffee, and enjoy themselves. When I enter this kind of atmosphere, I know I am in for a treat.


The Deli part of the bake shop! My eyes were going in every single direction…

St. Phillips Bakery is a multi-product bakery with a large variety of product offerings and even Deli! I promised to come back here to try their deli, because everything looks so fresh and tempting!

I think I forgot to mention, the location is absolutely huge, yet cozy! You can see a handsome young man inserting a Panzerotti (see below) into an open-concept oven (of course I apologized for my creepy-ness, and he kindly smirked: “it’s okay”).


Inserting freshly-made Panzerotti


The state-of-the-art over, with a Panzerotti-to-be-baked inside! (now I want to go back and shop more!)


The Wraps looked absolutely delish! I am very surprised I didn’t buy one…


This bakery had also cooked meals, salads, and other yummy prepared food.


I wasn’t sure if this was up for grabs, or it was there to be bought… I refrained from an awkward situation and kindly took a picture of the colourful palette of food >=)


This is very inviting. I love it when a store invites customers to try new flavours. Not only it ignites the conversation, your customers start discovering new products…

As you can see, the place has a ton of food variety, not to mention that is has a cafe-like environment:


You can sit here and have a cup of espresso, have some lunch or meet up with friends for a dessert tasting session!


The good ‘ol Espresso Machine!


St. Phillips view from the cafe

Right around here, I was reminded of my days in Italy. The smell, the voices, the happy faces, the “Eeeeeeeeeeeyyyy Angelooo!” coming from a few men drinking espresso, the ‘Cafe Mauro’ label, and just the overall inviting atmosphere. I could not get enough, and I did not want to leave that particular spot.

Let’s turn to the baked goods finally!


Freshly-baked bread variety is insane… baked fresh daily!


I got one of these, see below for the taste review :)

Here is the sweets variety, or at least 60% of it:


Cookies… unfortunately I didn’t buy one, but I definitely will in the future!


Oh my gosh, macaroons! Also on my “to buy from St. Phillips Bakery list!”


Cakes, Cakes, and Cakes!


More Cakes! See below for which of the above pastries I took home >=)


…and they even have Gelato! At this point, I was contemplating to buy a ticket to Italy …TODAY


Cost of 4 selected pastries… (actually I was expecting a bit higher)

OK, now that the product offering is out of the way, I get to review the goods!

This is the most exciting part!

This is what I got:

  • 3 Large Pastries $6.75
  • 1  Small Pastries $1.75
  • 1 Hot Pepper Baguette $4.25
  • 1 Croissant $1.65

I know what you are thinking, the prices are quite high. When you taste the quality of their bread ($4.25), it is well worth the price. I am a very picky bread eater (and a very picky customer overall), so trust me, the bread is absolutely outstanding. It will live up to your highest expectations:


Hot Pepper Baguette


I love the colours on this bread!

The bread was soft, juicy, and tender, a very traditional Italian taste. Especially the tenderness of the shell reminds me of how much the regular commercial bread just cannot compete with a bakery-quality bread. It is well worth to get up early on a Sunday afternoon and grab a freshly made baguette: I promise you–you will come back for more.

I also had this very delicious spinach-broccoli-with-cheese croissant:


Can you see the yummy soft texture of this croissant?


Flaky, soft, green, and cheesy!


Ta-da! These were my four choices to taste, review, and enjoy!

Unfortunately, as mentioned in one of Urban Spoon’s reviews, some of the store associates do not know what they are selling. Fortunately, I have grown accustomed to it. It just shows that not everyone shares the same passion… I did not find labels of these lovely pastries either, so I’m just going to guess what they are (actually a pretty fun game!).


Sfogliatelle!! This is an Italian-native shell-shaped filled pastry. I give it a 5/5.

What is so special about Sfogliatelle? If I literally translate it, it means: “many leaves,” which you can see from the picture why it is called this way. This pastry dates back to the 18th century. St. Phillips did a great job with the taste, it is moderately sweet and delicately decorated.

This interestingly-shaped pastry is called: Pesche-Dolci. Rating: 4.5/5.

This type of pastry is filled with Crema Pasticcera… 4.5/5

Pesche-Dolci is usually classified as a cookie. It is often filled with Crema Pasticcera. In this case, the pastry was filled with Chocolate Ganache! I am a big fan of this pastry, but I would prefer it to be made in a bit more accurate manner, as it is actually supposed to look like a peach (-.5 points).


Cannoli with “Pistachio-filled cream.” This was a new item offered, as of July 14th, according to the associate… Still I give it a 5/5, although it needs a better name!

The cannoli shell was well done, and the filling was great. To be precise, this is a Cannoli with Pistachio-Ricotta filling. Outstanding, 5/5!


The Eclair! Can’t go wrong with one…5/5!

Last, but not least… the traditional eclair…with a twist! Usually an eclair has a vanilla filling, but this one had a chocolate filling, and my mother was in for a nice surprise! The cream was nice and soft, complementing the soft-yet-tender shell.

As you can tell, I am completely thrilled with this bakery. I will definitely comeback. You can follow them on Facebook, and visit their website.

Happy pastry tasting!

Always yours,


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3 Responses to “St. Phillips Bakery Review”

  1. Luke March 25, 2014 at 12:34 pm #

    looks like a jerk parked his car in front illegally. I hate trashy people

    • Mare Gladwell March 25, 2014 at 12:37 pm #

      it just had to be a Porsche!

  2. T March 30, 2014 at 1:09 am #

    I first smapledtheir sfogliatelle at the very first Canada Baking and Sweets Show (its held sometime in September) and loved it! I haven’t been to their actual location, but the distance doesn’t look to far, and all the goodies you got look amazing! I guess I’ll have to pay them a visit soon.

    Thanks for sharing

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